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Photograph by Sarah Prall

My practice helps you deepen your relationship to your body:  to your alignment; to your patterns of movement; and to your awareness of your physical presence.  Our work together facilitates increased awareness of your movement  patterns and alignment, promoting physical health and general well-being.  I integrate physical therapy techniques with energy and whole body healing approaches.  Patterns of movement, posture, and alignment can be relearned in ways that lead to decreased aches and pains and increased capacity for physical activity and general well-being.


I use an eclectic mix of myofascial release, joint mobilizations, massage therapy and other manual techniques to release chronic holding patterns that may be causing pain and discomfort.


I combine my knowledge of bio-mechanics, anatomy, and alignment to help clients develop a greater understanding and awareness of their physical embodiment.


I use the Infinity Healing Practice (created by Gabrielli LaChiara) to facilitate profound shifts in consciousness, creating greater ease and lightness in the body, mind and spirit for my clients. 


Mara's work has facilitated powerful changes in my body, posture and self awareness.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and bright and brings a sense of humor and clarity to our sessions.  Mara's presence combined with her knowledge has allowed me to soften into and allow important shifts to take place.  She brings attention and care for my emotional and energetic process combined with direct and clear physical re-structuring. I highly recommend her!! 

Gabrielli LaChiara, Founder of Infinity Healing



150 Fearing Street Suite 8 Amherst MA 01002


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