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Photograph by Sarah Prall


I became a physical therapist, in part, because of the personal connection that can develop between client and practitioner. I use that relationship to support clients as they awaken and enliven the link between their body and mind.  As I began to study energy healing and wellness, my perspective on the body expanded. I see our bodies as a part of a greater whole.  We are more than just our physical presence in the world.  As we become more centered in our bodies, I believe we are able to generalize that new sense of balance and stability into our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.  We can use our physical bodies as a means to achieve greater consciousness, alignment, ease, and joy in our lives.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Pennsylvania in 1989 and my Master's in Physical Therapy degree from Emory University in 1992.  After several years in acute care settings, I specialized in out-patient orthopedics.


My work has been largely influenced by the mentorship of Maggie Bradley and Lori Monson.   Their approach to physical therapy is holistic and functional.  More recently, I have integrated the teachings and approaches of Gabrielli LaChiara, of the Infinity School of Healing, Paul Chek, of the Chek Institute, and Ron Hruska, of the Postural Restoration Institute, into my work.


I combine these different approaches with my foundation in anatomy, physiology, and bio-mechanics to create a unique approach to movement, embodiment, and wellness.  I combine body work, movement coaching and exercise to facilitate a deeper connection to the body, allowing for improved mobility, posture, breathing, and function.


Mara brings practical knowledge, experience, focus and intuition to every session. She is very able to keep my long-term goals in mind, while also receiving and adjusting what my body seems to need on the day of the session. I had tried everything for shoulder tightness from physical therapy to chiropractic, healthy eating to meditation, cortisone shots to massage - with little progress. Mara has been able to find the core causes to my tightness and help me to find significant improvement.

I have never left a session feeling that I have not learned or progressed in just the right way. She is one of the few great practical healers.

- Tommy Jiang

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