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We work together to bring your awareness to your body, movement patterns and habits.   I offer you the opportunity to explore, notice, and consider why you move the way you do.  As we continue to work together, I may use manual techniques to help free “stuck” places that can be painful or uncomfortable.  I help you maximize range of motion and increase your neuro-muscular control of these newly available ranges.  We use exercise to create and strengthen new patterns of movement and posture.


My hands-on approach targets areas where clients experience pain and hold stress.  I use various pressures and techniques to release tension and promote increased comfort and ease of movement.  I focus on the rib cage and pelvis as holding patterns there can lead to altered breathing and movement.  


When developing exercise routines, the focus is on functional movements that we need and use all the time.  I am guided by a variety of strategies and insights, including Paul Chek’s work on primal movement patterns. These patterns include squat, lunge, bend, push, pull, and twist, as well as the gait pattern.  Clients are instructed in proper mechanics and use the exercises as an opportunity to practice moving with increased awareness.

Postural retraining is essential to proper physical mechanics. The better the alignment, the better the mechanics and overall efficiency of movement.  As we become aware of how we move, we can tune in and alter our patterns and alignment to facilitate greater ease.


Infinity Healing is a combination of energy healing and neural-science.  It enables the practitioner and client to discover pathways that ignite and inspire healing.  It is a body of teachings, tools, and activations that is informed and influenced by Applied Kinesiology, The Nurtured Heart Approach, Neural Organizational Technique, and shamanic modalities.  


I integrate these tools into our sessions to clear and move energy while you are using your body.  I find that combining these techniques helps generate change and healing on multiple levels.

Click here to learn more about the infinity Healing Practice.


"I have worked with Mara for the past several years on nutritional education, postural alignment, strength building and overall health and well-being. This past year, we have focused on my posture, specifically developing the curve in my upper-back, which has involved learning diaphragmatic breathing techniques, strengthening the connection between my pelvis and core, softening my chest and expanding my mid-back.Mara has an incredible wealth of knowledge in traditional physical therapy, as well as progressive and integrated therapies including myofascial release and NOT. She is strong and comprehensive in delivering bodywork, as well as teaching exercises that can be practiced at home. She is kind, patient and clear in giving directions and guidance so that one can maximize the benefits of the therapy. Her enthusiasm and commitment to my well-being and progress is generous and abundant.


Every morning, when I wake up, I take a few deep breaths and feel new space expand in my mid-back. It is a wonderful sensation, which reminds me of how much I have to tap into to create space and possibility physically and mentally.


Mara is aware that I practice yoga regularly, and has taken the time to learn the methodology of my yoga practice so that I can modify my poses to access new space and strength in my body. Mara has supported me in my growth and development, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She has given me choices and strategies that tap into my own personal strength and health.


I would highly recommend Mara to anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. She is a true healer."

- Grace G. Amherst, MA

"Mara can see and clearly explain functions in parts of the body, allowing me to have a new relationship to my own body and physical structure. 


I had taken my body for granted, until I was injured in a car accident, had overuse of my rotator cuff from demanding photography work, as well as the pressures of living in the modern world.  I have turned to Mara over many years to help me address each of these body centered challenges. 


Mara is astute in more than body mechanics. Her qualities of observation, as well as seeing what might appear to be unseen, are reflected in her PRESENCE and attention.  Every body is individual from the life it has lived, and she is able to incorporate these subtle differences into the whole of her work.


Mara is curious and stretches herself, through her own continuing studies, deepening her understanding of all body systems, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Mara is much more than the disciplines and  people with whom she has studied. She brings her own considerable KNOWING and wisdom in working with, assisting /nurturing each individual  person and body to find home. 


When I leave her office, my body and I feel opened, both more spacious and integrated, and can begin to taste my own natural alignment with the earth as well as myself.  Through the  practices she offers me, to is up to me to re-create that experience on my own.  Healing and repairing happens in relationship, it is a co- creation.   To work with Mara is the nourishment my body and I need. "

- Judy Rosenthal, Hamden CT

"We cannot recommend Mara highly enough!


My husband Sandy and I have worked with Mara for many years. Her work is phenomenal. She treats the whole body, tailoring each appointment to exactly what our bodies need that day – balancing bodywork and exercises. Her empathy and compassion are bottomless. Despite her busy professional and personal life, her attention is always riveted on each of us during sessions. She’s not afraid to show her own vulnerabilities without dwelling on them - the perfect mix of professional and personal.


Mara is a voracious student of her work. She studies broadly, both within and beyond her field, in order to help the whole person, mind and body. She brings this enthusiasm and interest to her work with us, always sensitive to what will help us stay stronger longer.


She even comes to our home to work with Sandy, given his limited mobility since his stroke 20 years ago. Many times during the period of her home visits she has trained countless young personal care assistants with complete willingness so that they can reinforce her work with Sandy every day between her weekly visits.


Mara is a consummate professional. She loves her work, and it’s evident in our every interaction with her."

- Merilee and Sandy Hill,  Amherst, MA



Interested in booking a session with Mara?

I have a sliding scale of $90-$130/hour.

I have not had success working with insurance companies, but I can give clients an invoice that can be submitted for reimbursement, depending on the insurance coverage.

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create."

- Buddha

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